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A couple of weeks back I headed over to Mayfair after work to catch up with an old friend from school.

Reservations are limited, and if you can't book you will inevitably face a bit of wait - as we did. They take down your number so you can have a wander (or a drink) while you wait, then give you a call when your tables ready.

There are only three options on the menu - burger, lobster and lobster roll (£20 each including fries, salad and dressing). I highly recommend the lobster roll, it's my go-to. The lobster turns up on your table pre picked and coated in a tangy little mayonnaise, in a savoury toasted brioche bun (I know what you're thinking, but trust me on this one). The meat is accompanied by the nicest little salad I've ever had, with lashings of balsamic and parmesan, french fries and a jug of the best ever buttery garlic sauce for you to pour all over everything.

We worked our way through a lobster roll each and too much wine (the cheap yet still very very nice stuff) and then proceeded to convince our lovely waiter to take us on a tour of the lobster tanks. I had the best night and strongly recommend you whip out your address book (or alternatively have a scroll through your Facebook friend list) and arrange a date with an old friend.

If you fancy heading down to Burger and Lobster there's five in London, find your nearest online and go and get involved with their garlic butter sauce - seriously, it's dreamy.