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I've always slathered myself in tan. It just makes me happier when I look in the mirror. Let's face it, some of us can pull off porcelain, and some of us can't (I sit unhappily in the latter). I had used the super expensive St Tropez for years before happening across this dupe when I moved to Manchester, and have literally never looked back! 

Like St Tropez, St Mortiz is super idiot-proof, very very hard to get streaky and terrifyingly dark if you've never seen the product before. Never fear, it showers off to be pretty natural.

I start off by scrubbing myself down with a pair of exfoliating gloves (like these) and my normal body wash to get my skin prepped. I add a big dollop of mousse to a tanning mitt (find a super cheap one here) and sweep it onto my skin in downward motions until it's blended in - although I'm careful not to work the product too much else it goes a bit funny and bitty. Do this on all the bits you want to tan - I go EVERWHERE. I tend to do this at night just before I go to bed, then wake up super duper scary dark the next morning and then shower off the guide tan. Wa-la! You'll be stuck with a slightly biscuit-y smell until your next shower, but I reckon that's unavoidable with tan!

To keep your tan lasting as long as possible MOISTURISE MOISTURISE MOISTURISE. Any kind of fake tan dries your skin, and dry flakey skin = patchy tan.

You can pick up St Moritz (even the name screams St Tropez dupe) for £3 in local bargain beauty stores, or in most branches of Tesco.