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Last week me and the girls hopped on the tube after work and headed across to Hyde Park to soak up the festivities on offer at Winter Wonderland. As you step through the (now Instagram-infamous) archway you first come across dozens of little stalls offering up pretty trinkets intermingled with food vans wafting out delicious (and apparently irresistible) scents.

We started with big greedy pork and stuffing sandwiches dripping in apple sauce, then wandered through the crowds taking in the sights (and picking out potential dessert spots). We passed boys doing their best to impress their dates by winning them a stuffed toy and winced at the groups braving the adrenalin inducing rides.

A quick stop off at the 'Merry Elfmas' cut out board by the ice rink and we were finally ready for dessert. Half of us plumped for crepes (nutella and peanut butter for me) while the others skipped off to get their hands on the churos we had spotted on our way in. We grabbed a table just outside the Bavarian beer tent and did a spot of people watching before heading home to escape the rain.

Winter Wonderland is open 10 - 10 daily (besides Christmas day) until January 5th. There's a plethora of attractions on offer including circus performances and ice skating - but you'll need to book in for some of the most popular experiences. 

For more information see the website.