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wall stickers

I've been relying on wall 'stickers' to liven up blank student halls and neutral toned rentals for years now. Printed on vinyl, they are removable and reusable, and can be reapplied to any flat, dry surface. To be safe, ensure any fresh coats of wall paint have been given around a month to dry before applying.

wall stickers

There's an expansive range available on eBay, covering everything from pretty floral arrangements (this one is beaut) to Biggy Smalls silhouettes (amazing, find it here). Pick your ideal wall art and hunt for it on eBay with 'decal' added to the end of your search - you're bound to find something to your taste. Most sellers offer customised stickers as standard, so you can choose the right size and colour to match with your current decor.

My Audrey sticker has seen me through three different flats, and she's still going strong. To transport her around, I carefully peel the sticker off the wall, stick it to a black bin bag and roll it up. 

Find Audrey for less than £6 here.