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patty and bun review

Patty & Bun is not a well kept secret, so by the time this finally went down a trip had been on my radar for quite some time.

I recruited a friend and chanced a Saturday lunch time visit to their James St restaurant. We anticipated queues, but as it happened lady luck was on our side and we skipped in and grabbed the last free table before things got crazy.

The menu's short and sweet, but we still managed to agonise over our burger selections for an age, eventually plumping for a 'Lambshank Redemption' and a 'Smokey Robinson' and rounding off our order with a side of skin-on salted rosemary fries (the BEST kind!) to share.

patty and bun review
patty and bun review

Our burgers landed on the table snugly wrapped in greaseproof paper parcels sealed up tight with fab P&B stickers (I'm a sucker for detail). We broke them open and freed up the moist, messy stacks with barely concealed glee.

Having already decided to share our orders, we quickly got to work dividing them in half before getting snuck in, fingers first.

We started off with the 'Lambshank Redemption' - a juicy lamb patty with a kick of corander & chilli topped off with lettuce, buttermilk baby courgettes, picked aubergine and feta. Everything was drenched in cumin aioli (an AMAZING garlic mayo-esque sauce) and sandwiched up in a brioche bun.

Then we moved on to the 'Smokey Robinson', which was made up a medium rare beef patty heaped with a mound of caramelised onions, bacon, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo and cheese. Tomato and lettuce were in there to somewhat cut through the naughtiest of the rest of the stack, and (as standard) everything was wrapped up in a soft brioche bun.

My heart lay with the lamb patty, but both were deliciously messy and moist and I will doubtlessly be back for many more visits (and suggest you swiftly hot foot it over there, to).

patty and bun review

If you fancy getting involved in some gob-smackingly good patty action, the James Street restaurant (a few mins away from Bond St station) is open Tuesday through Sunday, details here, and the Liverpool Street restaurant (near Selfridges) is open all week long, details here

Now this place is no secret, so unless you fancy chancing it like us steer clear of busy periods (lunch, weekends) to avoid that inevitable queue.