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Me and the boy hopped off to Milan for a long weekend.

On our first day exploring the city we headed straight for the Duomo di Milano (a big, beautiful cathedral that sits in the middle of the main shopping district) and got our first selfie of the trip nailed.

Then we wandered the piazza, taking in the sights..

And swiftly dived headfirst into our first gelatos of the trip (the BEST ice cream, ever). 

The streets are bustling with people and peppered with street performers (most far livelier than this lady).

Whilst exploring we stumbled across a little piece of Paris..

And this gorgeous Louis Vuitton merchandising in La Rinascente (if you get the chance head here and grab a drink on the roof top terrace, it's overpriced but the views are amazing).

We began to wander a little further afield.. 

And I soon found myself caught up in Sephora. I was impressively restrained with my purchasing, have a nosey at what I picked up here in this post.

And KIKO (a fab Milan based budget beauty brand). If you fancy a peek at the beauty bits I picked up on my trip you can find a post dedicated to my buys here. 

Meanwhile Alex made his escape and stumbled upon a restaurant serving up GIANT pizzas. Our tummies did the decision making and we found ourselves tackling one apiece. 

They served up vast stretches of delicate, crispy base just sturdy enough to hold a drenching of cheese and salty salami.

We are creatures of habit and the very next day we headed back to the same restaurant for round two.


Nope. None at all.

I dragged Alex into near enough every pharmacy we passed on the hunt down for everything on my beauty wish list. If skincare's your thang, I posted about what to buy in European pharmacies here.

As a trade off for all the Sephora/pharmacy trips I dutifully skipped off to the San Siro (home of AC and FC Milan) for a whistle stop tour around the grounds and museum.

We also spent a day by the beautiful Lake Como, a 40 minute train journey from central Milan. 

The views are incredible and the the whole area is a striking contrast to the bustle of the city.

We found ourselves a little restaurant by the lakeside and settled down to work our way through two huge plates of pasta (mine crab, Al's a slightly more conservative bolognese).

Then we hunted down another gelato cafe for dessert and took a wander through the old town.

By far one of my favourite parts of our trip was stumbling across a local eatery called 'Peppino's' which was just down the road from our hotel (in a suburban area 15 minutes outside the centre of Milan). 

Peppino's is a no-frills local restaurant ran by a grumpy old Italian man who serves up the most delicious pasta I've ever tried. By our third visit he had warmed up to us considerably, and on our last evening he sent us off with lemoncillo shots and a huge grin on his face. 

The pasta at Peppino's is simple but delicious. 

One of our favourites was a creamy lemon tagliatelle - fresh and scrumptiously yummy.

Al was a big fan to.

All too soon our final morning rolled around. We squeezed in some time for a last trip into the centre to pick up souvenirs (plus I was treated to some peachy new kicks).

We grabbed our final gelatos..

And one last slice (or four) of pizza at the airport, before jumping on our plane home.

Addio Milan, fino alla prossima volta! We'll be back soon.