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This weekend we hunted out the closest thing you can find to the seaside in London - Camden Beach. Tucked away on the roof terrace of the Roundhouse it's a fun spot to while away the weekend with some pals and copious amounts of rum. 

When you emerge onto the terrace you'll find lots of people crammed into not very much square ft of sand. If you're not into crowds then you're best off booking one of the beach huts which start from £250 per day for up to 8 people but come equipped with comfy seating, snacks, a TV stuffed with beer, platters of hotdogs and loads more. Totally worth it for just over £30 each (though considerably more if you choose to book a weekend slot). 

Irregardless of where you decide to set up shop there's a lively atmosphere, fun music and bunch of stuff to get involved with.

We started with rum cocktails.

Swiftly followed by dirty dogs. 

Mine was bbq bacon with cheese and a kick of mustard.

If you head over to the Y Plan area (Y Plan is a fab app for keeping on top of fun events) a nice chap will ask you to tweet about the event and in return he will hand you a bunch of tacky merchandise including the most ideal bucket and spade. 

I made some sand boobs.

V mature. 

We were blessed with hot weather which meant it was dreamy up top, but no so much when we had to stand in a queue for 15 mins inside before we could get up onto the roof. Two words for you Roundhouse: air con. Before 5pm you stand a reasonable chance of getting in without too long of a wait and nabbing yourself  a patch of sand (I hear you have to get down real early to stake out some deck chairs). We left at 6.30pm and there was a huuuuuuuuuge queue at that point so definitely head down early.

Camden Beach is open all week long until August 23rd. It's free entry and opening/closing times differ by day. All details here.

Something else you'll find in Camden. DJ Grandpa. Wicked.