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The Body Shop can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. After much experimentation, I've resolved that their skincare and makeup lines are seriously great. Like really really fantastic. I know it's hard to get past the strawberry and chocolate scented shower gels, but just give it a shot. I promise you won't regret it.

Today I'm talking bare faced 'no makeup, makeup' essentials: the mother of all BB creams, and a sheer 'wide awake' concealer-highlighter hybrid.

First up, The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream (£12). I could wax lyrical about this stuff all day long. If you're after a quick, fresh face that doesn't feel at all heavy then this does the job - it's my go-to for lazy weekends that demand a more laid back look, though it definitely sits on the lighter side of 'light to medium' coverage and so to feel fully 'done' I still need a few dabs on concealer on my problem areas. It dispenses from the tube as a white cream which is crammed with pigment-filled beads that burst when worked into the skin (the theory being that they adapt to your skin tone). Foundation? What foundation?

In need of a concealer without the cake? The Body Shop Lightening Touch (£14) has your back. My eye bags are my problem area, so I'm no stranger to under eye concealers. I have tons in my arsenal and often end up reaching for heavier formulas to try and deal with my deep, dark circles - but sometimes I just feel like I need something a bit lighter. This concealer/highlighter pen gives a wash of sheer colour that gives you a bit of comfort coverage, but packs a real punch with it's lightening properties. It feels like you're not wearing anything but everything just looks a bit fresher and brighter. I go with a salmon shade to go that one step further in counteracting my dark circles.

I'm a tiny bit sad I spent so many years dismissing The Body Shop as a one trick pony (the trick in question being those big tubs of body butter) - we have so much lost time to make up for! Lots more on this front to share soon.