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I recently finished up a year working for The Walt Disney Company in London, and was lucky enough to nab four day passes to Disneyland! So with just one week to go before I took off my ears for good, I jumped on a flight to Paris with three of my best pals for a whistle stop tour around Disneyland, with a little sightseeing squeezed in for good measure.

An excitable Rosy couldn't wait to get in!

And as soon as we got through the gates we zipped down Main St. in search of the castle. Smaller than you'd imagine, but still the. best. thing. ever.

I proudly wore my minnie ears despite a lack of support from my pals ;)

We realised a crowd had began to gather for the parade, so we grabbed seats with a view and settled down to watch the show.

We dropped 1 cent coins into the well and made our wishes with everything crossed!

Stumbled across some beautiful scenery..

..and found a PIZZA PLANET!

Space Mountain is definitely worth queuing up for. It's fast and loopy, and you feel like planets and stars are going to smack you in the face. Really fun. I didn't manage to get a photo, so I borrowed one from this site.

I spotted an ad for Disney Infinity, one of the projects I worked on..

..and had a Toy Story moment.

Whilst you're in the Disneyland Park, be sure to check out the gift shops (they're not hard to miss, they're everywhere). I found one that did amazing baking stuff and had to be severely restrained, equipped as I was with the excuse of 'cast member discount'.

Determined to see as much as possible, after a few hours we headed over to the Walt Disney Studios park (the 'older sibling' of the two) where we discovered two of our hands down favourite rides.

I definitely did not get slightly emotional over Walt and Mickey. Not one bit. Promise.

First up, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Now if you ever plan on going please skip down as I'm about to drop some serious spoilers!

After being seated on a long bench in a clunky, rusty elevator shaft by a frankly creepy attendant you rise up through the levels of an 'abandoned, haunted hotel that was once subject to a terrible tragedy'. This alone scared the crap out of me, but then the elevator suddenly shoots up and drops down a pitch black shaft, then hurls you back up and then down and up and down. It's exhilarating but terrifying. Then it pulls you up one final time and a huge shutter wrenches open and you're near blinded by daylight and huge camera flashes. The view's incredible, you can see right across the park and beyond, but it only lasts a few seconds before you're hurled back down to earth. Phew. A good'un!

Another top pick in the Studio park was the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, which has the FASTEST kick off and features a fab intro from Aerosmith. It's fast, rocky and dark with a ton of flashing lights and a brilliant soundtrack. Probably our favourite!

In a slightly geeky moment, I was beyond excited to spot the Armadillo from Armageddon - one of mine and my Dad's all time favourite films! Who knew Disney had a hand in movies like this? (Actually I did at this point but before working for them I totally hadn't got a clue.)

All of a sudden it was 9pm and exhaustion kicked in from our 3am start, so we waved goodbye to the castle and blearily made our way back to our hotel for some shut eye. It was such a fun, nostalgic, and frankly I had no idea the Disney parks had such great rides - definitely not just for kids.

Laters, Mickey!

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