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We had just over half the day to get some sightseeing under our belt after we spent the first half of the weekend at Disneyland before we had to jump back on a plane to return to work (boo). First up, Notre Dame.

75004, Paris

A sweet nod to Victor Hugo's 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame'. 

Interestingly, I read that Quasimodo is based on a real person. In his memoirs, a 19th century British sculptor called Henry Sibson described a hunchbacked stone carver who worked at  Notre Dame during the 1820's, around the same time as Hugo wrote the novel.

Next we followed the Seine along Quai des Grands Augustins in search of 'Lovelock Bridge' - which recently partially collapsed under the weight of the all the padlocks left by loved up couples (or in our case, four besties). 

75006, Paris

We picked up an overpriced padlock from one of the vendors on the roadside, scrawled on our initials (G, R, T, G) and locked it on.

A quick group selfie before wandering a little further down Quai Voltaire in search of even MORE culture. Who arrre weee.

75001, Paris

One of the world's largest museums and a historic monument. Yes, I did get one of my pals to take a photo of me pretending to touch the point.  And yes, I chose to maintain a slither of dignity by leaving it off this post.


75004, Paris

Obligatory cultural shot. The Pompidou houses a vast public library (the bibliotheque publique d'information), the largest museum for modern art in Europe ('Musee National d'Art Moderne) and IRCAM (a centre for music and acoustic research). We didn't have time to visit this on this trip, but I've been before and it's definitely worth an explore!

A final pitstop for carbs around the corner from the Louvre before rushing off to the airport. 

Short but sweet!