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A little while back I found myself in NW London with a seat (or generously overstuffed armchair) at Cowshed with my name on it. My team at Disney had treated me to a voucher as part of a wonderful send off and with a solid few weeks of sandal season taking it's toll on my trotters I opted for the Cowshed Pedicure - sixty minutes of feet finessing for a slightly eye watering (but totally worth it) £48. 

I booked into Primrose Hill, a stones throw from Camden and a lovely little place (albeit slightly snooty) to wander around. The Cowshed concept is a spa/kitchen hybrid complete with a bar and dinky farmhouse menu. It's warm and cosy - a great place to hang out with a pile of your best pals.

In terms of decor there's lots of white, distressed wood and eclectic tiling. It's safe to say they have shabby chic well and truly nailed.

Polish picking: these guys deal exclusively in Essie so brownie points for taste. I fancied tippex tips so opted for 'Blanc', a true white. 

(And just look at that shade grouping. If ever there was a time for a heart emoji..)

The mani/pedi treatment area is inspired.

Great big stuffed armchairs with giant cushions and your very own dinky retro TV.

By this point I had high expectations and I wasn't let down. My therapist filed off my nails to my taste (square), sorted out my cuticles, whipped out a slightly scary looking file drill to tackle my hard skin (tickles like HELL) and followed up with a dreamy exfoliation and massage. To top it off the polish  job was flawless. 

Besides the polish, everything they use is exclusively Cowshed and if you've never gotten your hands on any of their products then girl it is time to treat. yo. self. The brand started up in a cow shed (fancy that) in Somerset in 1998. They use playful naming (Wild Cow, Dirty Cow, Gorgeous Cow, Horny Cow .. you get the gist) and pride themselves on the use of natural botanicals from sustainable resources with zero use of parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, artificial fragrances or colours and animal testing.

My only tiny negative? I left with not entirely smooth heels.  Now I was firmly of the belief that such a luxe treatment should have left me with only the smoothest of smoothy feet, so a couple of days later (and after a second opinion from my flatmate) I gave them a quick call and they immediately booked me in for a complimentary treatment to make up for it. Brilliant customer service.

Verdict? The perfect indulgent treat for you or someone special. Even better if you can rally together a troupe (would be great for birthdays or hen dos). They cover everything from nails to massage to hair removal - or as they so brilliantly put it 'from your horns to your hooves'.  You can find all the details here.