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I recently got a bit carried away in duty free.

You are looking at one very expensive, very tiny pot of clay mask. The GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD. 'Well was it worth it?!' I hear you cry.

In a word, yes.

It's toted as a ten minute quick fix for instantly brighter, smoother, tighter skin that lasts 3 days and exfoliates and absorbs impurities to boot. It contains no artificial colours or fragrances and is 100% paraben and cruelty free. Basically, it's great skin in a tub. Originally developed for use behind the scenes in Hollywood, it's allegedly become a backstage staple of the entertainment, music and fashion industries. The hype is massive, and whilst there's no doubt an exceptionally savvy marketing team behind the brand, there's also no shortage of personal recommendations.  It's even been slapped with the almighty title of 'Best Mask In The World' by ELLE.

It's expensive, no doubt. I used around a third of my little tub for my first application which works out around £8 a pop. Eye watering, but a heck of a lot cheaper than a facial (that's my reasoning). The packaging's awesome. Texture wise, it's a gritty  paste (french sea clay and volcanic rock, apparently) with fragments of green tea leaf. It smells great, fresh with a fruity undertone.  It dries FAST with a definite tightening and a slight tingle but nothing that bothered me. After ten minutes I used wet fingertips to exfoliate for a bit, then splashed it off. Easy.

Verdict? My skin looks good. Like really good. I'm feeling so smooth and glowy I can't bring myself to cover up with my usual foundation. I've only been wearing a light layer BB cream for the past two days, UNHEARD OF. I'm trying to figure out where I can cut back so I can afford to make this a weekly staple. A girl's got to eat, but a girl also wants great skin. All. The. Time.

I picked up the 15ml tub of GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment for £22.50 duty free.