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I've tried my fair share of eye creams, but this Vichy offering delivers something a little different.

My eyes are one of my biggest problem areas. I'm talking deep, dark circles that refuse to budge. You just know I'm going to be the 40 year old with the world's crinkliest eyes so I never (and I'm talking EVER) go without an eye cream.

The Vichy Idealia Eye Contour is touted as a 3-1 product that (given four weeks to work it's magic) reduces dark circles, smoothes wrinkles and gives shine - softening the appearance of tired eyes. It contains caffeine and vitamin B. It's pearlescent quality brings a luminosity to the under area, and the viscosity of the cream (it's nice and thick) goes a long way to smooth out puffiness. It's super rich, moisturising, paraben-free and just feels like your putting something good under your eyes, know what I mean? 

Now let's talk about the fancy pants applicator. I can summarise it in one word: gimmicky. Okay so it's pretty jazzy to look at but in reality I felt like the plastic spatular dragged against my skin which is the last thing I wanted going down in the delicate under area under my eyes - so I tend to just squeeze and wipe the cream onto my ring finger tip and pat it on. Fun to look at, but not all that when it comes down to application.

Nevertheless, I'm pretty sold on this. It's currently 25% off at Boots, go go!