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We spend a LOT of time on our phones, so why not dress them up in something pretty, funny, or at the very least - fluffy?

Personally, I'm a big fan of the novelty case, and if it's not big, clunky or garish then it's likely a designer dupe (Chanel and Moschino are my go-to's). I usually stick to scouring eBay or Etsy for my cases as they tend to be cheaper, but the likes of Topshop and River Island also do some brilliant ones.

Pictured are a selection of the phone cases currently on my rotation. Every single one is less than £10, so quit lusting after that shiny new iPhone 6 and treat yourself to a new phone wrap instead.

Chanel Nail Colour: £8.93 @ Etsy
Click here for the link.

White Fluffy: £1 @ Pound Land
You'll have to pick this one up in store I'm afraid!

Crying Kim Kardashian: £5.95 @ eBay
Click here for the link.

Mean Girls: £10 @ California Dreams
Click here for the link, or here for a cheaper retailer.

Moschino Gennarino Bear: Sold out @ eBay
Click here (ice cream), here (rabbit), here (fries) and here (logo) for Moschino alternatives.