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A couple of months ago, on a very grey Saturday we headed East to the Olympic Park in Stratford to play in a very colourful, very dusty field.

HOLI ONE brings thousands of people together to share music, dance and performance art (read: throw colourful powder at each other). It's inspired by an ancient Hindu spring festival known as the festival of colours.

You turn up around 12pm and collect your drinks tokens and bags of Gulal colour powder (100% natural, non toxic, water soluble and environmentally friendly) and head into the crowd in anticipation of the first countdown. 

On the hour, plumes of pink, green, blue, yellow, orange and violet dust leap into the sky.

The idea is you're supposed to wear white so you turn into a walking rainbow. If your luck is anything like mine, you'll end up with your face and clothes marked up in various shades of sludge.

Still, it's a pretty fab experience.

There's lots of food vendors dotted around to satisfy the hunger pangs that strike when you stumble out of the crowd, tired and dusty from all the dancing.

It's very fun, and very silly. The perfect place to hang out with pals over the weekend.

Or even make new ones!

At one point everything got just a little too mucky, and by early evening we were ready to head home to a hot shower. 

A quick FYI, your hair and skin will be traumatised by the powder. I had to empty an entire bottle of conditioner on to my head and let it soak for a few hours before I could bring it back to life.

If you're up to it, the party rolls on until 10pm and is usually followed by an after party at a nearby club.

HOLI ONE festivals take place right across the UK. You can check dates and locations of upcoming events here

Prices typically range from £27 (basic entry) to £35 (includes 5 bags of Gulal powder) - though prices may be a little cheaper outside of London.