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Time to treat your pout to a new brand new texture: the Maybelline Colour Drama pencils. 

Packaged up as slim kohls and available in ten on-trend shades, they start at a delicate nude and run right through to an oxblood red. They deliver impressive colour pay off with a creamy, velvet soft finish in a few swift strokes. There's no hint of drying (I had a snoop through the ingredients and I reckon this is down to the shea butter) which is impressive considering how opaque the finish is.

I picked up 'Nude Perfection' (pictured, a soft flesh tone perfect for a low maintenance day lip). For a softer finish you can apply as a liner and blend in, or for a fuller look swipe all over!

Next up on my wishlist are 'Berry Much' and 'In With Coral'. You can pick up the Maybelline Colour Drama pencils in Boots for £4.99, where they're currently running a 3 for 2 offer. If that's not an excuse, I don't know what is.