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Maybelline have taken their cult lash lacquer 'Great Lash' and given it a boost in the brush department - enter Great Lash BIG. The iconic green and pink packaging remains, but the trademark slimline applicator has been given a big, bristly makeover.

The idea behind the original Maybelline Great Lash is that it conditions as it defines, separates and lengthens. It's a very wet formula so there's often a lot of smudging in combination with an unsteady hand, but it does a great job of dealing with clumpy lashes. The new, chunky brush is supposed to help bring volume to this mix, but it doesn't do much in that department for me, instead I just find the chunkier brush gets the formula swiped on faster.

In any case, I still reckon it's a great (excuse the pun) little pick up for less than a fiver, and I have found myself reaching for it when I'm after a natural 'my lashes but better' look. For best results, Maybelline suggest building volume without letting each coat dry until you achieve your desired look.