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This fudge is super smooth, crumbly, and (perhaps most importantly) tastes exactly like the middle of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups AKA The Holy Grail of all foods.

It's widely acknowledged that I'm a pretty terrible cook, so I like to keep things simple in the kitchen. Luckily, this recipe is completely fool proof. It uses just four ingredients, requires zero fancy pants kitchen wizardry (ain't no thermometers up in here!) and preps in ten minutes flat. You don't even need to touch the oven.

Here's what you'll need to hunt down:

1. Peanut butter, duh! (250g)

2. Unsalted butter (230g)

3. Vanilla essence (1 tsp)

4. Icing sugar (460g)

If you're into the sweet 'n' salty trend that's everywhere right now you can also throw in a pinch of salt to cut through the sickliness. If you're feeling real fancy, you could also chop up extra goodies to throw into the mix. Dark chocolate chips would work really well, or even dried fruit for a hint of health. Get inventive, it's your fudge party!

To kick things off, line an 8 or 9" baking tray with greaseproof paper leaving lots hanging over the side for easy fudge access later on.

Chuck both butters (peanut and normal) into a bowl and nuke them in the microwave in short bursts until they've melted into a silky smooth mess. Keep stirring throughout to make sure nothing burns at the bottom of the bowl.

Once you're done, add the vanilla essence and salt (if you're using it). Then you need to sieve the icing sugar into the mix a bit at a time - make sure you use a sieve, that's very important! Stir as you go. The more you add, the stiffer the mixture gets. It becomes very much like working out your arms at the gym, which is rather handy as this stuff is pretty much the antichrist of dieting. 

Next you'll need to grab that baking tray you prepped earlier and press your fudge mix in. Use (clean!) fingers to smooth off the surface then stick it in the fridge for at least a couple of hours to firm up even more. 

When you get to the point where you can't wait anymore, lift your fudge out of the tin using your greaseproof paper and cut into bite size chunks. Now load up that tupperware and go and show off your super impressive *highly technical* handiwork to all your friends. They never have to know ;)