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Tucked away in Covent Garden is a little fast food joint that serves up the best burgers in the world. 

A strong statement, but I'm quietly confident you'll agree.

Shake Shack hail from over the pond, they set up their first hot dog cart in Manhattan in 2001 to support a local art installation. Nowadays you can find them right across the US and Middle East, and in Turkey, Russia and London. They're doing very well, and for good reason.

The menu's really cool.

Burgers, flat-top dogs (hot dogs split down the middle and griddled) and fries for mains.

Shakes, cups/cones (ice cream) and concretes (ice cream blended with other yummy stuff) for dessert, all thrown together with their signature 'frozen custard' - a dense, creamy ice cream freshly spun on site. On occasion I've found room for a shake or a concrete and they are deadly good. 

They also serve up treats for four legged friends - red velvet dog biscuits (with peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard)!

I ordered the SmokeShack (a cheeseburger piled with bacon and chopped cherry peppers and smothered in ShackSauce) along with cheese fries (highly recommended from just about everyone).

You grab a table and wait for your order to be thrown together. A little plastic box you're given at the till bleeps like crazy when your food's ready and you skip over to a window drive-through-style to pick it up. 

Don't judge those fries on appearances alone, they were immense. Crinkle cut (my favourite) and smothered in moreish molten cheese sauce.

The star attraction. A sturdy bun that holds it's own without taking up too much tummy space. Stuffed with a juicy patty, tangy peppers and salty bacon, and drenched in cheese and their signature ShackSauce that oozes everywhere, just as it should.

We sat on their outdoor patio, stuffed our faces and watched the crowds wander through.

A popular spot in central London, so inevitably busy. Our waitresses were pretty feisty (and on occasion downright rude) but it didn't detract too much from our experience. Mouthwatering food - definitely worth a visit.