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Okay I'm exaggerating. But there are LOTS.

Despite it's staple status in so many beauty stashes, I'd pretty much written Vaseline off as useless after it failed to soothe a particularly nasty case of chapped lips. I hadn't given it a second thought in years until I caved to this pretty vintage packaging last week.

Equipped with Google, I set about researching how I could get the best out of it. Here are my top picks:

- Dot Vaseline onto your pulse points keeps your perfume lingering for longer

- Smudge over eyeshadow to nail editorial style wet-look lids

- Rub into cuticles, feet and elbows to keep things smooth

- Use with cotton buds and pads as a gentle make up remover

- Blend a little with lipsticks to to convert them to blushes

- Apply to your eyelashes before bed to encourage growth

- Blend into cheek and brow bones as a natural highlight

- Smear all over to combat skin dryness during flights

- Smooth into split ends to disguise damage between trims

- Rub into dry spots before tanning to avoid patches

- Apply into your hairline before applying hair dye to avoid patchy skin

- Tame unruly eyebrows by brushing a little through with a spoolie

- Mix with powder blushes and eyeshadows to switch up their formulas to cream

Mostly though, I enjoy patting it onto my lips to moisten up matte lipstick formulas and as a barrier against the elements. It's worth baring in mind that this stuff is protection against chapped lips, not a cure.

If you have sore lips in need of some serious nourishment, try NUXE Reve De Miel.

I picked up this vintage style tin of Vaseline Lip Therapy in Boots for a little over £2.