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Ever had that fresh-tan-feeling spoilt by a distinctive burnt biscuit whiff?  

Allow me to introduce you to my new favourite  tan, Cocoa Brown. There's a lot to love about this stuff.

First up is it's major boasting point: it doesn't make you stink. Cocoa Brown contains some fancy ingredients which reduce that tell-tale smell and leave you with a slightly floral smell after application, and practically zero smell after you've showered. I tested it with my friends and they confirmed they was no trace of tan whiff until they literally pressed their nose against my arm - and even then they assured me it was next to nothing. 

Finish-wise I was really impressed. It's likely not dark enough for seriously hardcore tan-o-holics but I love the colour. It's very natural compared to other tans I've used - definitely skewing more brown that orange. Plus it fades really evenly. Aint no patchy elbow creases up in here.

I tested out the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse which claims to develop within one hour and continue deepening for a further two hours. Perfect if you need to tan up for a last minute night out, or are picky about the depth of colour. Cocoa Brown suggest you can shower off after one hour for a light tan, two hours for medium or three hours for dark. I applied it with a mitt (the only way if you want a super even, patch free finish) before I went to bed, then showered it off the following morning. 

Here's a fancy GIF to give you an idea of colour difference pre application and post shower.

Cocoa Brown offer a host of products to take you from start to finish of the entire tanning process. I gave the Tough Stuff Body Scrub a whirl (a gentle exfoliant) and it did a fab job of getting the tan off and smoothing out my skin before my next application. The whole range is also priced really reasonably. At just under £7 my bottle of tan racks up at less than a third of the cost of a bottle of St Tropez mousse.


Superdrug (online and in-store)

Primark (in-store)

One final note. Cocoa Brown uses vegetable derived DHA instead of the nasty synthetic version and contains zero Parabens, so it's ideal for sensitive skin.

Thoughts on this stink-free tan? Will Cocoa Brown be hitting the bottom of your shopping basket any time soon?