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I like an uncomplicated hair routine - I've pretty much edited it down to three must haves.

First up, greasy spray. An essential for lazy hair days or those mornings when you just need to swap out shampooing for an extra ten minutes in bed. I used to be loyal to Batiste, hell I even experimented with Superdrug's own brand chocolate offering for a while (FYI - to be avoided at all costs), but the day I picked up a tin of this Aussie spritz was a game changer.

It has that signature fresh, delicious Aussie scent and wards off a tell tale greasy finish without clogging up your strands with leftover grit. It feels a little odd on first impressions - almost wet compared to the usual blast of powder - but a quick run through with a brush and you're back to Day Two hair.

A quick heads up - they've had some issues with the pump design. I came across a dodgy one myself (it stopped spritzing and starting spitting) but I just zipped it back to Boots where they were happy to replace it.

The next spot goes to Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray, which rightly deserves the cult status it's built. A quick once over with this stuff transforms limp, freshly washed hair into something a little more interesting. You can use lightly, or go in with a more intense application depending how messy you want to take it. I tend to focus at the roots to build some volume then lightly spritz through the ends to muss things up a little bit. It's basically beach hair in a bottle (minus the sand).

Last up, the Beyonce of the hair brush - The Tangle Teezer. My friend Paige used to wax lyrical about these back in the day but I never took the leap of faith. How stupid do I feel? I now have two, the Salon Elite (pictured) which is a designed for use in salons and the one I keep at home, and the Compact Styler (in gold) which I keep in my handbag ready to whip out during a knotty moment. You can use these bad boys on wet or dry hair, where they get to work on tangles without that pinching pull. I've also noticed less hair sheddage since I started using them.

Come at me with your hair styling picks, the lazier the better!