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I'm in town getting my dissertation interviews wrapped up and earlier today I hit up some of my favourite spots in central.

We started with a light bite (I kid) at Patty & Bun on James St, sharing Smokey Robinson and Lambshank Redemption burgers, and chips with rosemary salt. All delicious. If you need more P&B action, catch up with this post where I served up the deets a while back.

We stocked up on Ben's Cookies for dessert (think chunky slabs of chocolate and outrageously gooey centres) and continued our wander.

A quick pit stop at Liberty to bag some beauty samples (the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask FYI) and snap photos of the now Instagram infamous flower displays.

With my supplies of Bioderma dangerously dwindling I took the opportunity to stock up at Zest - Soho's answer to the European pharmacy. It's an odd hybrid of a gift shop come skincare haven but it stocks everything your face is crying out for, including the products you'd normally struggle to get hold of in the UK. I didn't take a snap, so I've pinched this one from Lily's blog.

Next stop, Joe & The Juice. A vibesy (100% made up word) corner spot on Dean St with great tunes and even greater juice. I  sipped on Hangover Heaven - a perky blend of apple, elderflower and mint. 

We had opted for dinner at our favourite pizza joint EVER (Homeslice) and decided to wait out the 45 min queue in the nearby Earlham St Clubhouse (which shockingly, can be found on Earlham St).

I've been in before and had enjoyed their 90's set up, cocktail happy hour and great pizza - but our  Rollin' With The Homies drinks didn't stack up this time. A little watery. Hopefully a one off bad serve!

Our friend Izzy joined us at Homeslice where we shared a gargantuan stretch of salami, rocket and parmesan pizza. Another joint I've reviewed before - get up to speed here (where you'll be treated to much better lit photos and drool worthy close ups). 

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