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Manchester's got a seriously slutty new burger joint up it's sleeve.

Filthy Cow is the brainchild of Jordan Gallimore. At just 23 (yep, she's my age!) she's quit her job to realise her vision of a back street burger bar that brings a slice of laid back honesty and value to Manchester's foodie scene. Served up with a side order of wicked humour, of course.

There's something really special about independent eateries. The energy Jordan has poured into this place is evident from the moment you roll up - the staff are warm and welcoming, the food's delicious and the details are to-die-for. I gave Jordan a call today to get the scoop (bad pun) on their ice cream line up and found her elbows deep in the kitchen. I love getting involved with something that someone has so obviously worked their butt off to bring to life.

Now let's talk about all this naughty decor.

Yep, that's a pink bulls head dressed up in bondage.

I had two girlfriends with me and we ran around giggling like little kids as we took in all the cheeky details.

Innuendos (or blatant naughtiness) aside, the restaurant is set over three floors and decked out in stripped back, functional furniture set against exposed brick, concrete and corrugated iron (reclaimed from a pig pen). There's even glass topped tables reimagined from original farmyard troughs. There's a distinctively industrial vibe, and everything is peppered with neon and graffiti. There's a clear theme that's been well adhered to - and it works!

The menu concept is super simple. Burgers take centre stage - there's four meat picks (the classic, cheese, beast and a ever-changing special) as well as a vegetarian-friendly halloumi and mushroom option. Pick between fries, onion rings or slaw (or go for all three) to go with your burger - but be sure to save space for dessert. That's where things get seriously filthy. Produce is sourced locally wherever possible (including the beef, fruit, beers and wines) whilst the bacon is Italian smoked pancetta *swoon*.

The order set up is reminiscent of Shake Shack - just hop up to the counter when you're ready. Unless you decide to seriously pig out - or are after a mega boozy one - chances are you'll pay less than a tenner for your meal. 

The ice cream is something special. It's sourced from Ginger's Comfort Emporium - based in Affleck's Palace. Think deliriously decadent ice cream in the most obscene flavours. There's apple crumble, spiced rum bun and Lyle's golden syrup, as well as a couple of classics in the form of vanilla and chocolate. Then there's the piece de resistance - salted caramel and peanut butter - aptly dubbed Chorlton Crack. I tried chocolate (rich but not too sweet) and stole several slurps of my friend's Chorlton Crack (darkly sweet with a kick of saltiness) whirled up into shakes and they were good. Like really, really good. 

After a short wait, we tore open our burgers (with a super satisfying crinkle) and ooh'd and ahh'd at the shiny brioche bun tops that hinted at great things to come.

I got down and dirty with my choice - The Filthy Special (pork, chorizo, bacon and cheese). The bun was the best I've ever tried. Soft - without a hint of dryness - but sturdy enough to handle the drenching of toppings. I opted out of tomato and pickle, but the patty (cooked medium-rare as it should be) was deep, juicy, peppered with chorizo and smothered in the tangy filthy sauce. Oozing red Red Leicester seeped from the sides (a great choice) and salty bacon brought yet another flavour into the mix, whilst crunchy lettuce offset everything with some freshness. Delish.

The girls both opted for The Filthy Halloumi Sarnie (grilled halloumi, rosemary and garlic mushrooms, onion rings). The thick wedges of cheese looked impressive from where I was sat (this is definitely no weedy vegetarian option) and I'm assured it was very tasty.

My only criticism would be with the fries we ordered to share. I found them a little too greasy - though my friend assured me she thought they were great (this was right after she had hoovered them all up) so I guess it comes down to personal preference. I hear the onion rings are awesome, so will likely just switch out fries for those next time. (Oh yes, there will be a next time.)

One final innuendo (I couldn't help myself).

Get a slice of the action in the heart of the city on Tib Lane. Find directions here. They tend to get pretty busy around lunchtimes, but we turned up for a late lunch on a Wednesday around 2.30pm and pretty much had the place to ourselves. See you there, ya dirty cow.