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I owe my new and improved forehead situation to Anastasia Beverly Hills and her DipBrow Pomade.

Pomade is a french word generally associated with greasy or waxy substances used in hair. Anastasia's DipBrow brings the wax element in, but throws in water resistance and longevity (this stuff doesn't budge without an oil based remover). A little goes a long way; it's really pigmented and creamy upon application, but dries down to a matte finish. You can use the pomade to switch up your brow look - going from soft and natural to bold, sharp and precise. It does it all.

It's £15 for a pot but you use so little for each application that it lasts FOREVER - think 75% left after 6 months. However, as with all gel products, it does tend to dry out over time but I reckon wetting the brush should fix this.

You can pick it up on Cult Beauty - a beauty bingers paradise. They only stock products they've tried, tested and consider worthy of cult status. If you needed another selling point, DipBrow's shade range is impressive - it covers a spectrum of warm and ash tones from blonde right through to ebony. I use the shade Soft Brown - an ashy brown that's a little darker than my hair.

1. Brush brow hairs through (and up) with a spoolie (or just an old, clean mascara wand). Use nail scissors to trim any strays along the top to get a sharp line.

2. Starting about a third in from the centre of the face, define the lower edge of the brows with a thin line of pomade. Do the same for the top, using a slightly lighter hand.

3. Sticking to the third of the brow farthest from the centre of the face, start filling in - curving the brush up and out to define the arch and tail. I tend to make this section pretty bold and defined.

4. Making sure not to add any more product to the brush, move through the brow towards the centre of the face, stroking the brush in the direction of the hair with a lighter hand. I aim for an ombre-like gradient finish.

6. Using a spoolie, comb back through the brows concentrating on feathering (or dragging) the pomade from the last two thirds of the brow towards the centre of the face.

7. Comb through brow gel if you use it (I don't).

1. Super thin, angled brushes work best here. Popular choices include MAC's #263/#208 or Anastasia's #12, which comes complete with it's own spoolie! Alternatively, here's a £3 dupe.

2. To avoid product clumping on the end of the brush, coat the flat side (front and back) instead of dipping it in the pot.

3. Use water or a brush cleansing spray to wet the brush before you add more product to keep your application slick.

4. Try and follow the natural direction of your brow hairs with your brush strokes to keep things looking natural, particularly when moving towards the centre of the face.

5. To really define and sharpen up your look apply a thin line of concealer (a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone) directly underneath the third of your brow farthest from your nose and blend across and down your brow bone. This also acts as a highlighter in itself, but you could amp up the effect by lightly brushing a powder highlighter on top.

6. You can also use a thin line of blended concealer along the top of the brows to sharpen them up but be sure to use a concealer closer to your skin tone.

7. DipBrow is super smudgeproof so doubles up perfectly as a gel eyeliner!