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I've jumped (or thrown myself headfirst) onto the marble bandwagon and I have zero regrets.

Matchy-matchy faux pas aside, I'm really feeling my new marble iPhone and laptop skins. They tend to be super expensive everywhere I've looked but I finally hunted down a couple of reasonably priced options on Etsy.

What I love about skins is that they don't add a lot of bulk like cases often do, but still protect against pesky scratches. Ain't nobody got time for chunky devices. Covering your precious stuff in what are essentially big stickers might seem a bit daunting, but fear not! They peel off as easy as pie with no damage or residue left in their wake. 

These came all way from the US, are handmade to order in super strong vinyl and can be customised to the exact model you're after. You can also choose more or less coverage, for example, I chose an outside-lid skin for my laptop rather than including the keyboard as well. They're pretty easy to apply - it just takes a little faffing to get a super smooth air bubble free finish.

Find the iPhone skin here (approx. £7) and the MacBook skin here (approx. £14).

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