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My brush line up has had a bit of a makeover. 

Think creamy handles (with a hint of blush) finished with vintage style silver detailing and topped with some seriously great bristle action. If you're after a set of makeup brushes that nail buffing, swiping and blending without sacrificing style - The Vintage Cosmetic Company can hook you up.

vintage cosmetics company eyelash curler review

Call me predictable - but show me ANYTHING in rose gold and it tends to be a pretty easy sell. Eyelash curlers aren't generally the most aesthetically pleasing tools in our stashes, but this is hands down the prettiest pair I've ever come across. Can't. Stop. Staring.

They have nice big, cushioned pads that don't make you feel like you're about to cut off your lashes - always a bonus - and work as well as any I've tried (MAC and Shu Uemura FYI). For an even more dramatic curl quickly run a hair drier over them to warm things up before going at your lashes. You can pick one up here for £8.50. They're limited edition, so grab 'em whilst you can!

vintage cosmetics company brushes review
vintage cosmetics company brushes review

Now for the brushes. Oh, the brushes! They're slim (perfect for handling) and include the product they're intended for use with detailed down the handle - a cute touch and really helpful if you're not quite sure where to start. If I was to liken them to another brand whose brushes I've gotten up close and personal with, it would be MAC. Yep, they're that good.

First up is my favourite - the powder brush (£16). A damn near perfect dupe for MACs 187 duo fibre brush. It has a light touch, so does a brilliant job of lightly blending in powder without leaving things feeling cakey. I also like it to gently bronze up my face without risking streaks of muddy orange.

The blusher brush (£14) does what it says on the tin, and does it really well. I've also found myself using it to draw in my cheekbones - it's literally the perfect size if you're after a gentle contour (I find angled brushes make things a little too drag for my liking).

The lips brush (£7) is fab. Slim enough to nail your liner, but not so piddly as to make filling in a nightmare. The handle pops off and turns into a lid, which makes it great for stashing in your bag. I plan on loading it up with my chosen lip shade on my next night out to save carting around the whole bullet! 

The shadow brush (£8) has dense bristles, and does a great job of building colour on the lids and through the crease. A brilliant dupe for MAC's 239.

The eyeliner brush (£7) is now the slimmest brush I own, and is i-d-e-a-l for details. Perfect cat flicks? Sorted.

If you fancy bringing some vintage action to your beauty stash you can grab a juicy 25% off online by entering 'TVCC25' at checkout!