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I've discovered a quirky independent online store that's the perfect place to stock up on wrist candy.

This Material Culture is ran by a husband and wife team. They're all about being a little bit different, and everything they sell is unique and handmade by Rebecca from their flat in central Liverpool. Their pieces reflect individuality and most importantly, a little bit of fun.

I picked out the Rainy Day Bangle (£10) which I loved because it felt like a little tongue-in-cheek emblem for positivity to remind me to perk up when I'm feeling down. It has a mix of delicate blue and clear beads strung onto a bendy open wire band (perfect if, like me, you have less than petite wrists) and is topped off with a little bronze umbrella, complete with raindrops! The attention to detail is charming.

If I was to raid the collection I would pick up the Bahamas Bangle Set (£24), Bollywood Bangle (£10), Hamsa Necklace (£5) and Indian Elephant Earrings (£7.50). The bangles are my weak spot. I'm imagining them all layered up in a messy pile on my wrist. I'm off travelling at the end of the summer, and what's a holiday without a stack of wrist candy?

this material culture bangle blog review

I love supporting independents. There's something deeply satisfying about being part of a smaller growing adventure, rather than lining shareholders pockets. My friend Paige always gets the loveliest birthday gifts and often picks up independent pieces, which has always struck me as so thoughtful. 

Get involved and find your favourite piece on This Material Culture. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.