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best high end expensive foundations

Four high-end foundations that consistently make the cut. Different packaging, formulas and finishes - all equally great.

So straight up I'll lay out my skin situation. It's pretty much normal up in here with very few blemishes and the occasional touch of dryness. H-o-w-e-v-e-r I do have incredibly dark purple pigmentation around my eyes (fanks genetics) so whilst texture-wise my face doesn't particularly need much coverage I've still got some serious colour correcting to do.

First up is a bit of a old-school classic. MAC's Studio Fix Fluid has been a go-to since I was about 14. It's a teens dream - remember back when it was allllll about dat coverage? Definitely a thicker formula than I often reach for nowadays, but it still doesn't feel too cakey. It's also pretty matte so one to watch out for if that's yo thing. If I'm having a bit of pants skin day (or want a solid face of makeup for a night out) and need something that feels like it's covering everything - this does the job. Nice sleek packaging as per - no pump (but you can buy yourself one). At just over £20 it's also by far the cheapest of my picks, plus brownie points for the SPF 15. 

If there was a coverage competition - Estee Lauder's Double Wear (£29.50) would win it. Hands. Down. A super matte, almost mask-like finish that covers anything you can throw at it - though it definitely requires some work with bronzer/blusher/highlighter to bring some depth back to the face. As the best finds usually are, this one was recommended to me by a friend (thanks Sam!) and it's won a place in my permanent line up for mainly one reason - it just does not budge. This makes it perfect for long days and I know I'll likely be whipping it out a hell of a lot more often when I start my new job in September (*weeps for the absolute final end of childhood*). I just cannnnot keep my hands off my face when I'm concentrating and no one wants to look like a patchy scarecrow come 3pm, right? Packaging-wise there's no pump so it's a tip-it-onto-your-hand sitch - not ideal. 

Things are starting to get a little pricer now but agh this one is a GOOD 'UN. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (£36.50). Stupidly expensive. Stupidly incredible. I'd pitch it at around medium-to-full coverage, but it builds up like a dream and if you're having an icky skin day you can just whack a bit more on. Lately I've been craving dewier, glowy skin and this nails that brief and then some, delivering up the best lit-from-within look I've ever come across. Nice frosted glass bottle? Check. Pump? Check. Seriously just go and grab a sample from your nearest counter. You won't regret it.

My final pick is also the most expensive. YSL's Forever Youth Liberator is a stonking £38 - OUCH. But (unfortunately) this has been my favourite as of late. The word that springs to mind with this one is healthy. If you're trying to nail that no-makeup-makeup look, or you're an advocate of a super dewy or (yep, you guessed it) youthful base then this one's for you. Coverage wise it's a definite medium so you'll need to pair it with a concealer to deal with any eye bags or blemishes you've got going on. This is also a funny one smell-wise - it's got a super strong rose scent that I personally get on with but for fragrance haterz this one probably isn't for you. Packaging-wise it blows the rest out of the water. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. 

Hit me with your favourite bases. Do you tend to stick to high-end offerings or are you lucky enough to have found your holy grail in the drugstore?