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bioderma uk makeup remover cleanser

Short answer? Hell yes. But it's not just the micellar water you need to try.

If there's a brand that has skincare totally nailed, it's Bioderma.

I (along with pretty much every blogger in the stratosphere) have been feeling the love for Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution for aaages now. Did the tray full of bottles give me away? It's well-deserved cult status is down to a few things: it's a non rinse cleanser (SO ideal when I'm feeling lazy), it gets rid of every scrap of makeup (yup, even Benefit's They're Real) and it has a fancy formula that clears impurities whilst preventing irritation and redness. It's fragrance and and alcohol free - basically it contains no nasties so it's a great option for sensitive skin. There's a few different versions and I've tried the blue (for dehydrated skin) and pink (for normal to dry skin) but the pink definitely wins out for me. I can't quite nail why, it just does the whole makeup-blasting-cleansing thing a little better for me out of the two. It's been about two years since I ditched the (evil) face wipes and started working on my skin and it's easily this stuff that's had the biggest impact. All I do is soak a couple of pads and get swiping. I sometimes use it alone (you know that laziness I mentioned earlier?) but more often pair it with another cleanser as a second step because apparently it's all about the double cleanse now, eh?

All the hype around the micellar water means their other bits sometimes don't get the attention they deserve. The lovely ladies at Escentual decided to help me turn this sitch around and treated me to the Bioderma Hydrabio Light Moisturising Cream which is ideal for my skin type - normal with a touch of dryness FYI. This stuff is awesome. It's light and refreshing (so it's ideal to wear during the day under makeup) and it has some science magic behind it which basically means it teaches the skin to moisturise itself again. I've found it to be gentle and fresh, plus it sinks in super quickly - ain't no grease ballin' up in here. My skin has taken to it like a treat - everything's feeling smooth and hydrated. Plus it has a pump, so it's even ticking all the hygiene boxes.

I've even got my timings down as you can currently grab a 1/3 off Bioderma products on Escentual (until the end of June). So go on you, treat yo'self to some fresh new face stuff. You deserve it.

What's your take on Bioderma? Have you ever tried anything other than the micellar? Add to my ever growing wishlist in the comments!