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dr brandt crease release review

A few weeks ago I realised some rather unwelcome lines had appeared on my 23 year old forehead.

dr brandt crease release review

Even though I'm sure my mother would pound on me for even suggesting I'm starting to get on a bit, I'm definitely starting to see the signs of youth slowly creepin' on out of the door. With hooded eyelids and impressively huge eye bags as it is (thanks, dad) I'm also well aware that I'm destined for big old crinkles around my peepers and across my forehead (thanks again, dad) so I'm taking preemptive action and have added a wrinkle blaster to my skincare routine. 

My weapon of choice is Dr. Brandt's Crease Release. If you're unfamiliar with the brand, the story is actually a pretty interesting one. It was founded by Frederic Brandt - a cult celebrity dermatologist who became infamous for the non-invasive procedures he pioneered and used on a raft of famous faces (it's claimed that he performed more Botox and collagen injections that anyone else in the world). His products have quirky names such as 'Needles No More', 'Do Not Age', 'Dark Circles Away' and 'Pores No More' and is described as a technologically advanced skincare line. Dr. Brandt actually perfected many of his procedures on his own face, and as a result he had a pretty unusual look. Sadly, he committed suicide earlier this year (the NY Times covered it beautifully) shortly after being parodied rather cruelly on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It's a whole other argument as to whether the show played any part in his decision but this article makes lots of interesting points and I'd recommend giving it a read.

Crease Release contains GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) which is supposed to release the skin's own muscle relaxers to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. God knows if this is the real deal (and Paula's Choice doesn't rate it at all) but consumer reviews rave about this stuff. Personally, I love the texture and smell (it's minty and tingly) and I feel like the little blighters on my forehead aren't quite so noticeable after I slap this stuff on. You use it only on your problem areas (so that's my forehead and around my eyes) and apply a few minutes before your normal moisturiser.

If I'm being entirely honest with myself, as a topical cream this is probably only ever going to have long term benefits of keeping skin nice and hydrated rather than actively reducing wrinkles. But it's day-to-day impact on their appearance is kind of crazy great, so I'm happy to keep it in my stash. As for other changes I'm making to fight off any signs of aging? I'm getting off my arse and switching up my lifestyle to be a bit healthier. Filling your body with stuff that's actually good for you is probably the best thing you can do for your skin (and the rest of your body - including your mind!) but I'll quit my digression and ramble more about that some other time.

The Crease Release RRP is pretty eye watering at around £60, but I managed to pick it up in Home Sense for around £15 and you can nab one on eBay for the same price. I think it may actually be discontinued as it's no longer on the Dr. Brandt website so if you fancy giving it a whirl snap it up while you can still grab a bargain.

Do you have any wrinkle busting secrets? Spill yours in the comments and I'll add my favourites to the post with a link to your blog!

Tendai reckons a monthly facial (professional or at home!) will go a long way to fight ageing. She also suggests using products with 'actives' e.g. AHAs for maximum impact.