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I'm blessed (lol) with a seriously impressive set of dark circles, but this combo even impresses the morning after the latest of late-night Netflix binges. Note to self: get out more.

So when I say they're bad - trust me I'm not over exaggerating. Even on a good day I look like I've taken a smack in each eye and it's not just deep purple colouring - I've got some serious puffiness going on that nothing short of surgery can correct. This little genetic treat creates shadowing which means nothing can ever completely make 'em disappear, but I've got freakin' great at concealing the worst of the colouring and this little duo works a treat. 

First up I neutralise the purple/blue tint and the colour wheel tells us it's orange that will do the job. For fair skinned ladies like myself, it's peachy shades we need. I used to rep Bobbi Brown's Corrector in 'Light Bisque' which I really liked, but Pixi completely floored me with their Correction Concentrate in 'Brightening Peach'. It has a super dense formulation that lightens like no other. This stuff is like sleep in a (annoyingly small) jar. A little on the pricey side but completely worth it. You want to pat this on with a brush or your ring finger just over the dark bits. No need to go swiping triangles all over your face (yet). For those of you blessed with darker skin tones, I had a little dig around and MAC's Studio Finish Skin Corrector is available in a full spectrum of shades from light peach through to ochre, orange and terracotta, and if the formula bares any resemblance to it's counterpart concealer you know it's gonna be a good 'un. 

For the second stage I bring in the big guns - also known as the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It's easily the best heavy duty concealer I have in my stash and it's a ridiculously low £4-something. I grab a shade lighter than my foundation and swipe it on in a triangle shape (here's a handy diagram). Since it's so heavy duty, it can look a little cakey if due care isn't taken so to combat this I like to blend it out with a slightly damp sponge (I like the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which is far easier on the bank balance than the much hyped Beauty Blender). 

Laura reckons the NYX HD Concealer is a winner for correcting dark circles (I've picked one up in the yellow shade). On the other hand, Pam is an advocate of Urban Decay's Naked Skin Concealer, whilst Jasmine and (another) Jasmine both like Benefit's Erase Paste. Tempting!

So there you have it - my two-step dark circle busting combo! Any fellow sufferers out there? Leave your tips in the comments and I'll add my favourites to the post with a link to ya blawwwg.