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magnitone pulsar facial cleansing brush review

A what's-in-the-box breakdown, a skin diary detailing my first seven days of use and how I'm feeling one month in after getting my hands on the Magnitone Pulsar Eclipse.

I've always been firmly on the sceptical side that facial cleansing brushes can give your skin a new lease of life. Life changing? Eh, doubtful. A gimmick? Probably. But being the inquisitive blogg-ah I am, I was delighted to find a place in my routine for the Magnitone Pulsar. All in the name of research and, you know, 'cause the liquid gold finish looks all kinds of fancy in my bathroom. I reckon you'll be as surprised as I was with the results..
magnitone pulsar facial cleansing brush review

First let me give you the low down on what you pull out of the box. I got my paws on the Magnitone Pulsar Eclipse Luxury Gift Pack (which is fancier than the normal version and stocked full of extra bits and bobs) and along with the brush you'll also find three different brush heads and protectors, the charging stand and lead, a travel case and a travel adaptor - all packed up into an impressive looking gift box. 

After a bit more info on those brush heads? Well, the 'StimSoft Massage Head' has shorter silicone bumps and is positioned as suitable for a bit of a weekly facial replacement. The 'SilkBliss Head' has much longer, dense-yet-soft bristles and is your daily go-to for cleansing whilst the 'Body Cleanse Brush Head' is larger and designed to tackle the skin on your body (shocker) and is ideal for giving your bod a new lease of life, as well as prepping skin before tanning or tidying up stubborn orange patches - come on, we've all been there!


Magnitone tout the Pulsar Eclipse as a luxury skincare brush that de-gunks pores of dirt, makeup and other nasties quicker and more effectively than with your hands (or those naughty face wipes). A minute of cleansing twice daily with the electromagnetic tech in this thing (and the many thousands of pulsations it delivers) is meant to clean, stimulate, tone, invigorate, reduce pores and soften fine lines and wrinkles - all whilst enhancing the skin's absorption of your existing skincare products.

It's got four modes (sensitive, deep clean, exfoliate and PulseLift Massage) and two different timer settings. The first is for your face - it pauses every 20 seconds to remind you to move to a different area of the face and stops after 1 minute. The second is for when you're exfoliating your bod, where it pauses every 1 minute and stops after 3.

It's also completely waterproof and each charge lasts up to 3 weeks - so you don't need to worry about carting chargers around.

Phew. Big talk.


In short, it works. Really really well. My face looks fresher and feels reaaal smooth. My make up base sits better and lasts longer. And the best bit? After just over two weeks of use, my nose was completely clear  of blackheads. YUP. Those bad boys had been lurking for months (years?) and now I'm free of 'em. 

Since Magnitone reckon you can see results in a 7 short days I initially decided to keep a week-long diary to map my journey to skin-topia - at least, if everything went to plan. Just so you know what's-what with  my whole routine - after getting my brush on with the Magnitone and Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser twice daily I use Bioderma as a second cleanse, then tone with Acqua Distillata Alle Rose (in the mornings) or Pixi Glow Tonic (in the evenings). I finish off with  Vichy Idealia Eyes and Dr Brandt Crease Release Wrinkle Relaxer and The Body Shop Glow Boosting Moisturiser (in the mornings) and either Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil or The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Mask (in the evenings). 

DAY 1: 

"Okay so this thing is pretty easy to use (I like that it beeps when you need to move to a different part of your face and automatically stops when a minute is up) and HURRAH it works fine in the shower. I can change the brushes without breaking anything - definite bonus. Feel's a bit strange on my face - especially around my nose. Will take a little getting used to, but skin feels SUPER clean and tightened after use. The Body Cleanse Brush Head is a touch small to be using all over the place every day, but on a pamper day I could totally get into this. It works an absolute treat on removing tan tide lines and patchy bits though - skin feels fab and smooth. So far so good."

DAY 2:
"Skin is feeling good and my dodgy 'nose creases' (you know, the bit between your nose and your cheek?) that are usually super red and clogged look better. Already?! No sign of the anticipated break outs as of yet - but the blackheads on the end of my nose are still hanging around. Yuck. I tanned after using the Magnitone to prep my skin last night, and the Body Cleanse Brush Head is also fab for smoothing away the tango-effect on my feet and blurring those inevitable crease marks around the elbows and on the backs of my knees. Bonus!"

DAY 3:
"So today is a hangover day and this thing actually managed to go some way in waking me and my skin up. I don't think my face has ever looked so fresh the-morning-after-the-night-before. Something to do with increasing blood circulation? Who knows! No complaints over here though."

DAY 4:
"Still enjoying using it and still no break out! Blackheads are still hanging around on the end of my nose - they even seem to be a little worse? I was warned I'd probably break out as my skin goes through it's 'purge' stage so maybe that's why. Stay tuned."

DAY 5:
"Woke up this morning and genuinely felt like my skin looks so much fresher and just generally better than it has in a long time. On the other hand, blackheads are definitely coming to the surface on my nose but seem to be clearing in small patches. Weird. At least they seem to be going away."

DAY 6:
"One thing I've noticed is that this thing SERIOUSLY cleans your face. As in, there's zero makeup on the cotton pad when I get to swiping the Bioderma. Blackheads are kicking about but the patchy clearing is also still in full force. The tightening feeling post-cleanse is obviously what they're going for, but it also means proper moisturising is needed to ward off any dryness (or on the flip side, stop your skin producing excess sebum and undoing all your hard work). My makeup sat REALLY well on my face today, and as I went to take off my make up in the evening I noticed how good my skin still looked - even if I do say so myself. Feel like I'm seeing results. Damn, I'm being proved wrong."

DAY 7:
"Okay, first up - blackhead patrol. There's still signs of life, but they're 100% clearing now. Skin is looking (and feeling) all sorts of great and that redness around my nose I mentioned before is massively reduced. Overall, I'm over the moon with my results and can't even complain at the extra step in my routine. It's like having a mini facial twice a day and who could ever complain about that?"

So I'm officially sold on cleansing brushes. Hype deserved. What's your take?