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printrbook facebook instagram photo book printing review

Sometimes a little reminder of your happiest moments is just what you need.

Lots has changed recently and it's fair to say it's been pretty turbulent - but I've been trying to stay positive and reminding myself of some of my happiest moments is always a sure fire way of perking myself up. A trip to Miami and the Caribbean. Moving to London to work for Disney for a year. Meeting Minnie (and Mickey for that matter). Volunteering. Movie premieres. Disneyland. A trip to North Carolina to see my boyfriend. Milan. Holi One. Working for Mars (or more specifically Snickerrrrs) over a summer. Portugal. Weekend trips. The feeling of handing in that god-forsaken dissertation. The last two years have been kind-of-amazing and I'd definitely do well to remember that sometimes.

Got your eyes on my cute little photo book have you? Well, Printrbook hooked me up with this little Facebook photo book. They offer a nifty little service that makes it ridiculously easy to print Facebook photos. Just head over to their website and log in with either Facebook or Instagram, select the snaps you want to include (they're automatically pulled into the website starting with the most recent) and add a few words to the front and inside cover. If you want 'em, captions are automatically pulled in but I went without. It's as simple as that. No matter how haphazardly you select your photos, they always print in chronological order so it's the perfect way to pull together your happiest moments from the last few months or years. It's a lovely petite book, the prints come out really well (there's no cut off bits up in here!) and it would just make the cutest little gift for someone. If you fancy getting your paws on one you can grab 10% off a Facebook or Instagram photo book (or, you know, both!) with the code 'fox10' until July 17th. 

What's your happiest memory? Spill the deets in the comments.