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Here's a bunch of different things you should consider slappin' on if you plan on nailing a g-l-o-w this summer. 


I've declared my love for The Body Shop's Honey Bronze Face Gel before (in this post if you're after more details) and it's great for bringing your face up to speed with your body tan - but those rascals have another primer style product up their sleeve that's worth a mention. The Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer is a a bit of an all-rounder and basically revives dull skin first thing in the morning - tinted moisturiser style - as well as bringing some primer-like properties to the table. Stick it on after your moisturiser and the (bright) orange formula sinks in to brighten up the skin and smooth things off. If you fancy having a light make up day you can even leave things there!


Powder has a bit of a bad rep for mattifying, clogging and generally dulling off a complexion. But there's a whole host of products that work really well to bring some luminosity to the table. I like the Bourjois Java Rice Powder (I mean, would you LOOK at that vintage style packaging) - it has a pink tint and some sparkle to it. If you're willing to throw some more pennies at this, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders are well hyped as beautiful, silky skin perfecters. Top of my wishlist.


Ahhhh bronzer, my faithful old friend. So many variations. Liquid versions are great for bringing some warmth and sheen all over, and you can mix 'em up with moisturisers and foundations or apply straight on top of your base dependant on preference. I love MAC's Lustre Drops in Sun Rush (sadly discontinued - wah!) but Benefit's Sun Beam is a great alternative. 

Cream bronzers deliver the same warmth and glow but are easier to control and tend to have more colour pay-off so can be used to help sculpt the face. My go-to is No7's Instant Radiance Bronzing Highlighter which brings an amazing dewy quality to the skin when it's blended down the nose and across cheek and brow bones.

Powder's probably have the strongest impact and go the farthest in terms of contouring and sculpting, though I prefer to use a separate cool toned powder to draw in my cheekbones. Instead I opt to sweep my bronzer around (you know, on the bits that usually tan most on holiday) to feel a bit more sun kissed. My current favourite is Sephora's MicroSmooth Baked Bronzer Duo in Honey Heat, which is really versatile because it has a darker matte half and a lighter shimmery half. Lightweight, strong colour pay-off (so it last FOREVER) and blends beautifully. No complaints at all. If you don't fancy attempting to get it shipped over, Soap & Glory's Solar Powder is a good alternative.


Yessssir I'm all about this stuff lately - I even recently dedicated a whole post to my love of the strobing beauty trend. Can't. Get. Enough. Smear it under your base in liquid form (I like St Tropez's Skin Illuminator in Violet - it's seriously high strength) or top your base with a sweep of a powder formula along the high points of your face. If you fancy some serious shine go for theBalm's Mary Lou Manizer - it's adds an insanely beautiful champagne sheen. If you're after something a little subtler but still has potential to build then give MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft 'n' Gentle a go. Think Photoshop-esque luminosity. Yummy.

Now last up you gotta make sure your body matches your glowy, bronzed up face. If you've kept on top of your fake tan game (congrats!) you're all set, but if you're between applications The Body Shop's Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist is a nifty little wash-off spray that gives you a temporary lift in colour - delivering a subtle, matte tint PLUS it refreshes and moisturises.  Super handy and bonus points for the honey smell.

Do you have any suggestions to throw into the mix?