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I'm a straight up lip-balm fanatic but I've managed to edit my hoard down to these picks.

It takes an array of textures, formulas and flavours to satisfy my pout's needs. My favourites vary from solid oils to butters. Tubs to tubes. And there's a lot of mango. Mango just sort of does it for me in most situations.

First on the list is Kiehl's #1 Lip Balm. Besides the impact the apothecary style packaging has on my heart rate, this stuff is just a good solid balm. Texture-wise, it's got a gooey-ness to it that makes it best as a protectant on cold 'n' windy days or as a bit of lip mask come bed time when you have some time to slather it on. It's available in a range of delicious flavours - I have mango (shock) but I've got my eye on coconut as a bit of an alternative to Glossier's Coconut Balm Dotcom.

My next pick is a bit of a cult favourite - Nuxe's Reve De Miel. The first time it fell onto my radar was when my pal (and then-manager) Gem sheepishly admitted she'd spent nearly a tenner on a new lip balm but that I had to smell/try/taste it before I judged. It's probably the most unique balm I've used, with an almost-matte texture to it that manages to feel super nourishing without any gunky side effects. The scent is a bit of a honey and lemon mash up - extra points for tastiness - and it's non-slippery qualities make it the most ideal lipstick base. One's sold every 28 seconds apparently. So there you go, I love it, Gemma loves it - and about a zillion other people also love it.

Another mango entry - The Body Shop's Lip Butter. Swerving a little old school here, but it's still a good 'un. Don't be fooled by it's name - this stuff really isn't as thick as you'd think. It actually makes for a nice, light little top up balm to treat your lips to some hydration and sheen during the day - and smell-wise it ticks allllll the right boxes.

Homeoplasmine is a backstage model beauty secret/staple/multi-purpose whizz product. This one's perfect for treating chapped lips thanks to the homeopathic formula packed with plant extracts and active ingredients. Smear it on and let it do it's magic. And if you've got an occasion that calls for lipstick but a pout that's not quite smooth enough to commit, a light dab of this makes the perfect base - smoothing out any cracks or patches and drying down to a matte-satin finish. This stuff can also be used to treat minor cuts, grazes and skin irritation.

Another multi-purpose buy is the Dr. PAWPAW Original Balm. The newest player in my line up but it's nevertheless quickly proved itself as one of the most soothing 'n' smoothing balms I've tried. As well as sorting out even the most unhappiest of pouts, it deals with dry skin, cuticles, cracked heels and elbows - plus it works as a kick-ass make up primer and brow tamer. Yowzers. I also dig the no frills, handbag-friendly packaging. It's available in tinted peach and red shades if a little colour does it for you. I'm off travelling in August and this is coming along with me as my saviour of choice for the many (many) hours I'll be spending on planes.

Besides smirking at the overload of Kim Kardashian/Miley Cyrus-centric PR activity, you may not have given EOS (that's evolution of smooth) much attention. Well set aside those twerkin' tainted first impressions - it's time to give these babies another try. Ridiculously cute packaging aside (which isn't as gimmicky as you might think - it makes application easy and kinda fun), they're 95% organic and 100% natural. Now that's a good day for everybody. Full of moisturising stuff like shea butter and jojoba oil - hydration feels good and they have a creaminess to 'em which I just love. Flavour-wise there's tons to choose from - sweet mint is my hands down favourite at the mo' but they've just released some stripy versions and coconut milk screaming my name. The only annoying thing? They're SO much cheaper in the US (like 1/3 of the price).

My final favourite is another offering from The Body Shop. First off, if you haven't already smelt anything from their Wild Argan Oil range - you need to. This Solid Oil Lip Balm has the Best. Smell. Ever. I genuinely whip this out too many times a day just to have a big whiff of it. It also brings soft and sheeny lips to the table, but (as the name would suggest) it has an oiliness to it that means you'd need to be careful pairing it with lipsticks and the like.