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eye of horus make up cosmetics review cruelty free makeup brand

Meet Eye of Horus. They've just landed in the UK all the way from Australia and there's some great products in their line up.

This brand is all about luminosity and revealing your inner goddess - as well as being paraben-free, using natural ingredients and not testing on animals. So they're good guys. Product-wise think lots of bold, smokey finishes in a mix of deep nudes and jewel tones. Heavenly. They're all about the eyes and their formulas are based on stuff the ancient Egyptians used to whip up - and those guys really knew a thing or two about make up.

Their mascara  has been a big hit. It has a super flexible silicon brush that's brilliant for wiggling right into the lash line. Finish-wise I found it delivered fluttery, natural wide-open lashes - nothing cakey or spidery. And for those of you who struggle with finding formulas that don't irritate sensitive eyes - this would be p-e-r-f-e-c-t for you. Seriously, just check out the reviews online if you need more convincing.

Ahhhh the pencils. Buttery smooth, waterproof and they have insane colour pay off. The range is packed with sultry shades from a staple black right through to olive green, teal and purple. They take 40 seconds to set so can be smudged out (there's a handy little smudger on the end of 'em) and application-wise you can stick with classic liner or smudge 'em out over the whole lid. Bronze Amulet can also be used as a brow pencil - how's that for multitasking?! I've also got my eye on Serpentine, Emerald and Nubian Brown. Yum.

Now for the star of the show.  This thing is my new holy grail brow product. The Dynasty Dual Brow Perfect is a waxy, arched pencil that makes it so-unbelievably-incredibly-amazingly quick and easy to fill in your brows. It isn't too pigmented so the strokes actually look like hairs and it's build-able so you can go for a subtler day-brow then crank things up for the evening. And the shape of the nib is ideal for getting your arch right. It's also double ended, with a tinted gel and spoolie at the bottom to set your snazzy new brows. If I could only recommend one thing from this brand, it would be this. 

If the Brow Perfect was my favourite, the Babylon Brown Liquid Define came a very very close second. It's everything you want in a liquid eyeliner - basically it's super pigmented and the nib is i-d-e-a-l. Think thin and flexible. Perfect for flicks and nailing that thin-to-thick sweep across the lid that makes most of us late on a regular basis. I'm also really really feeling brown liner lately. It feels a little softer and day-time appropriate - especially now I've got lighter hair.

eye of horus swatches

Feast your eyes on these swatches. From left to right it's the Brow Perfect (see what I mean about it having a soft natural finish?), Liquid Define (ummm can you say slick and pigmented?) and then the Goddess pencils in Smokey Black, Bronze Amulet and Teal Malachite. 

I whipped up my take on the goddess look with lightly smoked out eyes using the Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil smudged top and bottom. I defined my upper lids with flicks of the Babylon Brown Liquid Define and added the Teal Malachite Goddess Pencil to my lower waterline for a pop of colour. I topped things off with lashings of the Goddess Mascara and got fleeeek up top with the Dynasty Dual Brow Perfect a.k.a my brow saviour. Seriously.

Got your eye on a little somethin' somethin'? You can nab 15% off Eye of Horus goodies with the code 'review'. Go get yo' goddess on!