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Best day, ever.

Four years on (and a whole heap of happy, sad and crazy moments later) I walked away with a First Class Honours Marketing Management degree and the Best Overall Performance Award for my course. Which basically made every little drop of hard work feel completely and utterly worth it.

I definitely didn't have a fairytale university experience (something I reckon I'll cover soon) but working my ass off kind of became my thing. So having that pay off and getting to celebrate it wearing fun robes, a silly hat and killer (in every sense of the word) shoes was amazing.

And FYI, a shoe-change ended up being totally necessary on the day. These blue 'uns hurt like hell.

In a little under a weeks time I'm flying to Amsterdam with my favourite guy to begin a months adventures which will take us through Bali and Thailand. A couple of days after I get home I'll be hauling my tanned (fingers crossed) and jet-lagged ass onto a train to London where I've managed to bag myself a place on the M&S marketing graduate scheme.

Lots to look forward to!

PS. My dress was ASOS and the heels were Office - both are long gone but I've hooked you up with some alternatives including these to-die-for blue lace up stilettos that are half off!