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strobing makeup beauty trend

My take on the controversial new beauty trend.

strobing makeup beauty trend

So strobing is the New Big Thing on the beauty scene right now and so far it's garnered a fair bit of stick from make up artists and beauty commentators with many brushing it off as a re-hash of good ol' highlighting. Now I'm no MUA, but I spend too much a lot of time thinking about make up so I reckon I can stick my opinion out there, too.

First up, let's get a definition on the table. Is strobing just a new gimmicky word for highlighting? Yup, probably to an extent - but the idea is that you achieve a dewier, fresher base that steers clear of any harsh lines and sculpting, instead relying on highlighting to bring the natural contours of the face forward. So basically it's kinda like all this highlighting and contouring palaver.. um.. minus the contouring and with a helluva lot more glow.

So how does it go down? I've pulled my know-how from a handy little tutorial by Wayne Goss mixed with a few other tips I found online - but honestly, there's not much to it. A quick heads up though - strobing calls for cream and liquid highlighters so it's best suited for those without oilier complexions (else things are likely to look a little greasy).

Treat your skin to a healthy dose of moisturiser to kick things off, then grab your dewiest concealer (think liquid and a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone) and apply across the tops of your cheekbones, temples, down the centre of your nose and on your cupids bow - basically everywhere light naturally hits. Smooth your liquid/cream highlighter of choice onto the same areas. Use a light touch and try not to smear it around everywhere to avoid a greased up look. Lightly stipple or press your foundation (nothing too thick or matte - obv) on top, then finish off with a touch of bronzer/peachy blush. If you struggle without powder, very lightly touch if around the top of your forehead and around your mouth and eyes but avoid any highlighted bits.

Product-wise, I'm currently using St Tropez's Violet Skin Illuminator which has a pretty intense white-violet tint but sits nicely under foundation. Other favourites include MAC's Strobe Cream, Topshop's Glow Pot, No.7's Instant Radiance Highlighter and Benefit's Watts Up. Remember to pick the right shade for your skin tone - whitish/pinkish highlights work well on fairer skin tones, bronzy/beiges suit medium skin tones and golds/peaches/oranges stand out best on darker skin tones.

Despite all the bitchin' surrounding it, this little trend has completely altered the way I approach my base (particularly at the mo' with all this deliciously warm weather) and I reckon it deserves it's 15 minutes of fame. It feels like a fresher approach to the base with more emphasis on healthier, glowy skin that embraces what our faces actually look like (plus some added J-Lo vibes). But let it be known, if it gets anywhere near the ridiculous level contouring has reached (I can't even utter the words "clown contouring" out loud) then I'm jumping off the bandwagon faster than you can say Kim Kardashian