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So which side do you land on in the big Birkenstocks debate?

Because me and Trev (that's the cute photobomber) sit firmly in camp YES. Mine have a permanent place in my summer shoe rotation alongside my staple tan leather's from Mango (similar here), black sandal-shoe hybrids from Urban Outfitters and white slide's from good old Primark (similar budget breaking here or budget here). But before you give your verdict, let's give the Birkenstock story a little more consideration. 

The German orthopaedic sandal (if you can't be arsed to Google that it basically means they're designed to keep your feet in good nick) has been around for 50 years now - enjoying a low-key status as a kinda-ugly-but-super-comfy shoe for much of those. My dad, for example, has been wearing 'em for years. Enter Celine. The Arizona made an appearance in the spring/summer 2013 collection in Paris and since then they've skyrocketed back onto all the cool-girls' Instagram accounts. Last year they were selling out left, right and centre and - even though I didn't get why for a while - I totally see why. Yeah they're wide, flat and far-from dainty. But there's a little ankle on show (which  for the record - I'm always onboard with) and they go with literally everything. Everything. I dare you to find me something you can't throw 'em on with.

If you were to pick up a pair - would you go Arizona (that's two straps), Madrid (one strap) or Kairo (toe post - duh)? Or would you even brave the Boston? That's Full Toe Coverage ladies. Let me know which shape/texture/colour sums up your Birk-onality (that's um Birkenstock-personality, LOL) in the comments. And if something a little high profile takes your fancy, you should know that these bad boys are currently on sale.