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So apparently Disneyland is the most magical place in the world? 

Turns out that London kinda nails it for me (soz).

I've just whacked down a deposit on my new place in London for September (yep, by some minor miracle I've managed to find somewhere two whole months in advance) and it's got me all sorts of excited about getting my ass back down there. I was still there last summer (interning) after a year out  from uni spent wuuuurking with Disney and a weekend spent with my momma sort of sums up why I love it so much. Stick some of this stuff on your to-do list - there's some gems.

We kicked off how all great weekends should - with brunch. And we went big, fat and greedy at The Breakfast Club in Angel.

I went for The All American (pancakes, eggs, sausage, fried potatoes, streaky bacon and maple syrup) whilst momma plumped for Huevos Rancheros (fried eggs, tortilla, refried beans, chorizo, salsa, sour cream and guacamole). 

I think we need a close up, don't we?

I've posted about this place before (here) if you want extra deets or just want to tease yourself with more photos of some seriously good-looking grub. I'm not here to judge.

Next we headed East towards Shoreditch. 

I've wandered past this street art before and love the message. I reckon I might go back to get a less-car-filled shot and get a print or canvas done.. 

This is my momma. She's a teeny tiny blonde and stands at about half my height. I bet she kills me when she reads this.

We wandered along Box Park and were tempted into Dum Dum's Donutterie. They sell the most beautiful doughnuts and cronuts (doughnut-croissant hybrids FYI) in the world. Check 'em out if you don't believe me - white chocolate & pistachio has my vote.

We carried on through to Brick Lane where we go stuck in to the markets, vintage stores and gazed at all of the food stalls wishing our tummies weren't quite so full. 

Grabbed an obligatory print at Rough Trade (yes, this was my dodgy acrylics phase) .. 

..and a mini peanut butter cupcake from a Lola's cart.

As we wandered back towards Liverpool St. station we stumbled across a big group of people dancing around a square. It was a brilliant mix of unexpected couplings who kept switching partners without missing a beat. There's was lots of elegant footwork and beautiful (and sometimes downright flamboyant) outfits to enjoy. We grabbed a spot and watched for a while.

This guy was my fav. Wuuuuuurkin a Ross Geller throwback 'do, top-to-toe gold and clashing shades.

Our next stop took us south of the river. Everyman put on film showings in lots of unexpected places - think swimming pools, car parks and even cemeteries. I grabbed us tickets for a show at Battersea Power Station - a bit of an iconic landmark that was soon to get the luxury redevelopment treatment.

They'd decked the place out brilliantly.

We grabbed some drinks and food from some of the weird and wonderful stalls..

..before finding a couple of beanbags to get comfy on. 

The power station loomed over us while we enjoyed the movie..

..and then we were treated to the prettiest sunset as we headed back home for a much needed snooze.

The following morning we grabbed breakfast at Gail's - one of my favs. Their iced chocolates are my favourite drink in the whole world and a glass of this stuff alone is worth the trip. 

Do you have any must-try spots in London? Sound off in the comments and I'll link up my favourites!

Now if you reckon a post about Disneyland would've been more up your street, you're totally in luck. There's one for you riiiiight here.