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Schwarzkopf Professional BC Oil Miracle review

It's sort of ironic that despite being a natural blonde I'm having to claw my way back to my natural shade with good ol' bleach. 

It's definitely my fault, though. I've put my hair through a LOT including a few years of black box dye. So whilst I tease it back to blonde, I've been giving it lots of love with a quintet (yup I Googled that) of Schwarzkopf Professional products from the gorgeous BC Oil Miracle range.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Oil Miracle review
Schwarzkopf Professional BC Oil Miracle review

First things first, this stuff smells GOOD. I've tried and failed to adequately describe the scent to so many people but the best I've come up with is a light mix between something refreshingly fruity and a pic 'n' mix stand. Just trust me, it's yummy. Bleaching, straightening, blow drying, brushing - it all takes it's toll and this range is basically an intense fix-it kit for dry and damaged locks. The barbary fig oil brings hydration to the table and micro-keratin gets to work rebuilding the hair structure. 

There's a few bits you can incorporate into your routine if you fancy a little repairing action - the Restorative Shampoo and Conditioning Milk (it's a leave in spray and suitable to use daily) work so well together and everything up top just generally feels smoother and healthier. If you're in need of something more intense, the Restorative Treatment has your name on it. It's a serum-oil formula and I've been smoothing it onto my frazzled ends and it's been working wonders. Seriously nourishing. If masks are more your thaang, you're in luck. This one has slotted seamlessly into my routine as a weekly pick-me-up and it's on sale over on Beauty Bay at the mo' - go get 'em!

Not strictly of the fig clan, but a close family member nonetheless the Oil Miracle Mist is hands down my favourite of the bunch. It's a light dry oil spray that you can use pre or post blow dry to get some gloss going on. I'm generally not one for lots of styling product in my hair but this stuff is literally the perfect finishing spray - it smooths, it delivers on shine and, yup you guessed it, it smells awesome. If you only make space in your hair care line up for one of 'em, make it this.