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dior so real sunglasses dupe alternative cheap

So I'm feeling pretty smug about this find.

dior so real sunglasses dupe alternative cheap
The Dior 'So Real' shades have been making waves on our favourite Instagram accounts for a few months now but - srsly - who has £400 to drop on a pair of sunglasses that we're I'm inevitably just going to sit on/drop/leave on top of a car, anyway? Yeesss they're a little weird looking - my boyfriend, for example, definitely doesn't get it - but they're basically aviators on steroids and I have so much time for that.

So, anyway, I decided to hunt out some dupes, and came across this pair for £2. 

The mirror lenses make 'em reeeaaally hard to photograph, FYI. Yep, I was pyjama'd up when I took these. Sorry about it.

Oh, and the YSL Beauty bits are new, too. The mascara is their false-lash-effect-style one and it's THE BEST. I have the stubbiest little lashes and this stuff gives me actual length - definitely add it to your list. The nail polishes are worth a go, too. To be honest I tend to stick to Barry M and Maybelline when it comes to my tips day-to-day but if you're after a luxe polish these are really really lovely to use. Besides, I always have room for more shiny gold stuff in my life.