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Here's ANOTHER French pharmacy brand to become obsessed with, sigh.

The Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep is the latest addition to the Idealia range which is basically designed to deal with aging and/or all the stuff life throws at our skin - including stress, pollution and an unbalanced diet. And this baby isn't the the first product from the line up that I've fallen for.. this eye cream is still my all time favourite.

Anyway, this stuff is quite literally touted as sleep in a jar. A very nice weighty jar with a mirrored lid that feels super premium!

And so far, I'm impressed.

The basic idea is that is stimulates all the good stuff that should normally happen to your skin when it's in 'deep sleep' at night (..repairs, regeneration and the strengthening of our skins barriers for the stuff it faces the next day) still happens irregardless of how little sleep you're squeezing in. The label boasts hyaluronic acid (such a 'IT' ingredient at the 'mo), LHA, caffeine and vitamin B3 - all good stuff.

There's all sorts of stats that back up how well this has been received (for one, after a month 78% felt skin appeared healthier and softer) but all you really need to know is that a) it's a light gel texture which is treat to apply, b) your skin feels awesome when you wake up and c) it smells GREAT.

Have I convinced you yet?