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Who wouldn't get a little giddy when a box stuffed with beauty goodies lands on your desk?

Boots have hooked me up with some of the finest brands in their repertoire and everything in the mix is 100% affordable. Highlights include a top coat that fakes a gel mani (hello!) and a liquid liner that simplifies that elusive flick. 

You with me? Dive in..

See that kinda freaky looking palette in the ice cream shades? That my friend is the Sleek Highlighter Palette - and yes, I was as sceptical as I know you are right now. But trust me, this baby delivers. Half cream, half powder - these buff on to a highlight that'll have you feeling like this. Plus the packaging is to die for - rose gold. Form an orderly queue..

The Barry M Contour Kit is a great little starter set if you're new to world of drawing in shadows and slapping on highlight - it's simple to use and includes handy little illustrations. Unfortunately I find the contour shades a little too warm (I prefer a taupe as it's less muddy) and prefer to highlight with something that has some sheen to it.

The liner. Oh, the liner! It's L'Oreal's Super Liner and it's bloody great. Besides the fact it's incredibly pigmented, the nib tapers right down to the finest point and is nice and flexible. It takes a few goes to nail it but once you're used to this little pen you'll never look back. Best cat flick ever. Promise.

The Collection Eyeshadow Palette splits a family of rose gold shades (#sold) with a mix of gold and purple tones. They're cleverly arranged to make it super simple to build a look - another great little piece of kit if you're after a bit of guidance to help layer up shades. There's a nice mix of matte and shimmers too.

The Elegant Touch top coat is epic. I'm definitely a DIY mani kinda gal and this has become my secret weapon for faking a PROPER gel mani. It adds an insane shine and keeps chipping at bay for a few days. A new staple in my nail kit.

I also had a pair of Eyelure lashes to play with, however I rarely never wear 'em (for no other reason than I can't ever get them to fit my eye shape) plus these are streaked with glitter which makes them specifically suitable for a part-ay. I've heard good things about the range though, and there's a ton to choose from.

These bits definitely scream night out but unfortunately I'm a bloody grandma and haven't been on a night out in forever so I whipped up a soft day look with just a hint of a smoked out eye. I went without the glitter lashes - obv.

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Please go and buy the liner. You need it.

Yes you do.



You do.