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the mae deli london deliciously ella

I've bought her book and bookmarked her blog (you probably have too) - so when a lunchtime chin-wag with a gaggle of my gorgeous work pals turned to Deliciously Ella's new deli, and it's dangerously close proximity to our office, we ended up with a date in the diary to visit..

the mae deli london deliciously ella

If you're an avid fangirl (or boy) you might make the connection around the name. The deli is a joint venture between Ella and her fiancé Matthew, hence 'mae' - Matthew and Ella.

The concept follows on from the philosophy that backs all of Ella's ventures so far - natural, plant-based, delicious food. 

To much criticism, they also opted to include protein options and rye bread on the menu with the aim of making the deli more accessible to groups of friends. I kind of get where the critiques are coming from as it feels so far removed from Ella's stand point - however knowing there's chicken available on the menu means it's going to be 100x easier to get my boyfriends ass in there. I'm a fan.

the mae deli london deliciously ella

Anyway, the menu is split between breakfast and lunch-come-dinner. 

It's pretty simple and mostly based around build-your-own bowls - with toast, soup and desserts (yup, healthy ones) also up for grabs.

Breakfast starts with the choice of a variety of 'bases' (bircher muesli, chia pudding, porridge etc) which you can chuck on toppings from a wide selection as you please. I'm talking nut butters, seeds, maple syrup and coconut chips. YUM.

For lunch and dinner you're looking at either the mae bowl (4 cold salads) hot mae (3 hot dishes) or mixed mae (any 4 dishes) bowl. The idea is you choose from the range of dishes piled high with the likes of wild rice, squash and coriander, and fennel courgette and aubergine salads - or hot dishes including tuscan bean stews and thai curries. There's also glazed sweet potato chunks and dips such as red pepper and paprika to cover everything in. The dishes on offer shift and evolve over the course of the week.

Toast (with smashed avo, mae's P&B or nut butters) is also available all day.

the mae deli london deliciously ella

It really is delicious. Tasty, wholesome grub that fills you up without kicking off the bloat that generally tends to accompany lunch out of the office.

And I physically can't rave about the tuscan bean stew and red pepper dip any more without starting to alienate all of my friends.

the mae deli london deliciously ella
the mae deli london deliciously ella

As my little New Zealander Alexa can be seen doing here, you can also fill up on sinfully healthy desserts. There's the classic chocolate protein ball (the choc-orange truffle version was great), pecan brownies (v. nice) and the chocolate ganache cake was literally incredible. We were less impressed by the mango flapjack, something not quite right about that one.. 

the mae deli london deliciously ella

The pressed juices look gorgeous lined up on the shelves, but they're bloody expensive at nearly £7 a pop.

This is probably a good time to talk around price in general, as this place is far from cheap. Head to Trip Advisor and you'll see what I mean. I reckon you'll probably end up parting with the best part of £20 if you grab a main, a drink and finish up with one of the sweet treats.

the mae deli london deliciously ella

If (like me) you couldn't quite stomach the price of the juices (no matter how tempting they look!) you can choose from a range of teas and coffee - or even a matcha latte if you're tots health. The smoothies looked lovely. I'd go for the green glow.. it's got almond butter in it. Dayyuum. 

the mae deli london deliciously ella
the mae deli london deliciously ella
I decided to try and get arty with a window snap and it's worth mentioning that I managed to capture the exact moment Kate (far left) took to 'gram to confirm our very own celeb spot (Ella's boyf). It was tots him, btw.

You can find more info on the Mae Deli website, and lots of food porn on the Mae Deli Instagram page.

They do get busy, so try and head down before 11.30 or after 4.30 if you want to guarantee getting seated straight away. Opening times seem to shift but going by the website you're looking at..

Mon - Thurs: 8-9
Fri - 8-7
Sat - Sun: 9-6

Planning on heading down?