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If you're into the whole vegetarian/vegan/gluten free dining thang (or even if you're not) it's time to stick Ethos on your list of eateries to visit.

First let's acknowledge the decor. I'm ALL about indoor trees, and this place has plenty. It's super scandi and fresh - all the branches are juxtaposed* against plush seating, marble table tops and functional white tiled walls. Works a treat. 

*try and use it in a sentence today..

Totally necessary branch close up.

Okay, so moving on to the actual menu. It's a bit of a hybrid concept - mostly they roll with a serve-yourself buffet set up (you pay by weight) but in the evenings they also offer a few more bits and bobs.. with starters, desserts and drinks served to tables.

We kicked things of with a bottle of white (the Sauvignon - delish, no surprise there) and chose a couple of starters to share. The chargrilled halloumi was, as you might expect, beautiful.. especially paired with the pineapple salsa. The arancini KILLED it though. Succulent, tasty and drenched in ragu.. tell me what isn't great when it's covered in that stuff?!

Feeling suitably tantalised, we headed up to investigate the buffet.

Grab a virtual plate and dive right in.. 

The tables are piled high with goodies to choose from - giant swirls of dips led on to plates piled high with fresh, colourful salads and deep bowls of veg crisps..

Some examples to whet your whistle.. 

Broccoli and carrot with curried cashew cream
Seaweed salad with carrot ribbons and miso dressing 
Massaged kale salad with kumquats
Smoked butter bean dip
Aubergine and soy yoghurt dip with dill

.. I mean, surely you're drooling by now?

And if that wasn't enough, there's also hot options up for grabs. Curries, risottos, stuffed peppers, baked halloumi bites and even Ethos's take on the scotch egg. 

You can check out a sample menu here.

More GREAT decor.. 

*rushes home to spray paint contents of fridge gold*

So, payment. As I said, it's a serve-yourself and weigh 'n' pay type set up. We piled our plates high (more than we could have ever eaten) and headed to the till to 'check in' our meal, both racking up at about £18. Chuck on £5 each for our starters plus wine and you're not definitely not looking at the cheapest meal in the world. 

That being said, I've never really come across a vegan/veg/gluten free restaurant that's particularly budget friendly. And everything is made fresh from scratch on site every day. Ingredients are all finest quality and sourced locally where possible. Nothing is pre made. Nothing is reheated. No microwaves up in there! I checked ;)

So pretty much a you-get-what-you-pay-for situation.

The food was, as expected, really really tasty. The chickpea and coconut curry was a HUGE personal fav. As was the baked malfetti pastry. And the broccoli with curried cashew cream.


Dessert was our only stumbling point. I tried a salted caramel raw square, whilst my pal opted for a slice of the honey pecan loaf - and neither quite hit the mark for us. Gluten free/vegan desserts are UNCANNILY tough to get right, and perhaps other choices on the menu may have suited better. Next time I reckon I'll give one of the chocolate peanut butter bombs a go. Or the lemon drizzle cake. 

Okay I'm drooling again.

And as if the main menu isn't enough to tempt you, they also offer up a separate breakfast menu, afternoon tea and brunch (on Sundays). See you there?

Ethos are open all week and you'll find them here, just by Oxford Circus tube. For more info, check out their website, where you can also fix up a booking if there's more than six of you.