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GEORGINAFOX.COM details the serial shopping habits and adventures of Georgina Fox - a David Dickinson wannabe. That is, a fan of the fake bake and a lover of bargains. Packaged up for your perusal on this site are my beauty must haves, fashion favs, foodie adventures and everyday escapades.

I don't have a particularly strict posting schedule, but there's a whole host of options to stay up to date with my latest finds. My two favourite ways to keep up to date with blogs are Bloglovin' and Twitter - but you can also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Google + (even though, let's face it, that's dying a death). There's also an option to have updates sent straight to your email if you scroll right down to the bottom of the site.

So this is just a part time gig for me. Work-wise, I get up to all sorts in marketing at M&S, and have previously interned with Mars (Snickers) and Disney (in London) - and Carat Media and The Fashion Network (in Manchester). In the past I've spent a looong time working at River Island doing my dues in retail, and even graced the checkouts in ASDA for a spell. If you'd like to know more about my past and present work experience, feel free to have a browse of my LinkedIn profile. I hear the LinkedIn stalk is the new Facebook stalk.